Florence City Guide


by Rachel Lichtman

Anticipating my study abroad adventure, I searched the Internet for information about Florence. Luckily, I stumbled upon Design Sponge, an awesome blog and resource for city guides that span the globe. This fabulous guide to Florence was written by Design Sponge contributor, Kate Hash. Hash is a freelance writer, web/marketing consultant and Florence resident. Her easy to follow guide breaks up the city by neighborhood, highlighting the most important sights, trendy restaurants and shops. It’s been fun exploring Florence with her as my virtual guide. And I knew even before leaving the States what I wanted to see and do first! I can’t imagine a better way to explore this amazing city, especially in the first few days after arrival. For an insider’s look into Florence and insights your new roommates will be envious of, check out Design Sponge before you leave!

Rachel is a native New Yorker, communication major at the University of Arizona and fashionista.

Follow Rachel on Twitter @rachel_lichtman

Packing Like a Pro

One thing every study abroad student must consider is how to pack! These days you pay a fortune for extra weight and bags at the airport, and you will likely want to save room to bring back a few items you purchase in Italy, like shoes, for example (who would buy shoes anywhere else?), or gifts. Check out this video that will have you Packing Like a Pro in no time!



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