Top 4 Panini Places in Firenze

Firenze: The City of Molti Panini. With a vinaio on every corner and lampredotto as far as the eye can see, it can be difficult to weed out which sandwich spots are worth your time and euros.

Tuscany is famous for pecorino cheese, unsalted bread, and salami Tuscano, but the panini possibilities are truly endless at the fine establishments below. If you haven’t checked them out, go now, before it’s too late!

I Due Fratellini 


Two Brothers? More like Too Delicious!!! Due Fratellini is definitely the best bang for your buck. For 3 euro and some change you can have a sandwich that will rock your gosh dang world! Add a nice takeaway cup of wine to the mix and you’ve got Italian street food at its best! Located right across from Chieso/Museo Orsanmichele and down the street from Piazza della Signora, this is the perfect pit stop for a quick and delicious sammys when you’re on-the-go!

All’Antico Vinaio

All'antico Vinaio en Firenze, Italia




All’Antico Vinaio is an absolute staple of Firenze.   Ordering a sandwich from All’Antico Vinaio is like buying a one-way ticket to Flavor Town, population: You. The thick focaccia bread and generous meat and cheese portions will fill you up without costing you the big bucks. Located right down the street from the famous Galleria degli Uffizi, All Antico Vinaio couldn’t be easier to find. Just look for the long line of hungry Italians waiting to get their hands on one of All’Antico’s savory sandoozles.

Salumeria Verdi (AKA Pino’s Sandwiches)

Pino's sandwiches

It is absolutely bananas how delicious Pino’s sandwiches are. If you’re near Santa Croce, you’ve just gotta to stop by Pino’s. My favorite is the “The Best.” This magic combo of tender roast beef, eggplant, la bomba (or “spicy” as Pino calls it), pecorino, arugula, and fresh tomatoes truly earns this sandwich its name.  In addition to the excellent sandwiches, it doesn’t hurt that Pino may just be the friendliest man in Firenze. The warmth and excitement that Pino exhibits anytime someone walks through the door is just an added benefit to his delicious sandwiches.

Vinaino di Parte Guelfa

vinaino di parte guelfa


If you want a true, authentic Italian sandwich experience, look no further than Vinaino di Parte Guelfa. This hidden gem of Florence is run by the dynamic brother duo of Leonardo and Luca, who are happy to help you figure out which sandwich is best for you. Vinaino di Parte Guelfa is located behind the H&M on a side street of via Pellicerria and is frequented almost exclusively by locals, so it’s a great place to practice your Italiano! 


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