A win for Trump-A Loss for America..

Adventures Across The Pond

Being an American abroad has truly opened my eyes to the views an opinions Europeans (and people in general), have on us. Going into my study abroad program here in Florence, I was ready to emerge myself into the different cultures and customs that Europe has to offer, leaving all the stereotypes behind me. However, as I began traveling and interacting with different people it always seemed that I was asked the same stereotypical questions; “Do you guys always eat McDonalds?” and “Is everyone really fat?” and of course my favorite “You’re from New Jersey? Like MTV’s Jersey Shore?”….no not like the Jersey Shore. It just seemed that I was unable to break away from this negative views Europeans had on Americans. But one question left me stumped.

As I was eating dinner one night in Paris with a group of my friends, this adorable French couple next to us began…

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