Positively in Love with Positano

You’re lost in your thoughts as the salty ocean wind blows through your hair and the sun shines bright on your shoulders… But suddenly your boat slows. You turn around in your seat away from the endless ocean vista and instead see layers upon layers of pastel buildings, stacked upon each other until they reach the mountains and clouds above. Welcome to Positano.


A couple weeks ago, I spent a weekend in Positano, a small seaside town on the Amalfi Coast known best for its proximity to both the ocean and the mountains, its numerous varieties of lemons and citrons, and of course, its colorful pastel buildings. I didn’t need an entire weekend to know that I was absolutely, positively in love with Positano!

Most of our days in Positano were spent exploring the town. There’s only one main road that goes through the town, which makes walking the main means of transportation. The town can be difficult to navigate at times – almost all the “streets” are actually staircases and any streets you do find are winding and twisting – but we found that getting lost in Positano is as much fun as reaching a destination. We also religiously followed a rule told to us by the locals: all staircases and main roads that slope down eventually lead to the beach, which is also where the town center is located!

IMGP2391The beach in Positano is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. First of all, the water is an incredibly vibrant shade of turquoise blue. The “sand” is actually made up of pebbles (which hurts to walk across barefoot, but is fun to sit and lay out on). However, my favorite thing about the beaches in Positano is the vast amount of sea glass that covers them. Varying from shades of dark and almost-opaque green to light and transparent turquoise to bright and vibrant shades of royal blue, you won’t be able to resist pocketing a few (or many, in my case) pieces of sea glass.

FullSizeRender-1Positano is also known for its lemons and citrons. They vary in size from small lemons to giant and inedible citrons. If you get the chance, definitely stop by a grocery or a fruttivendolo and pick up one of the citron plants (pictured to the right)! They’re made of mostly rind and there’s actually very little fruit inside, but their size is seriously impressive! Almost all the shops and boutiques sell some form of a lemon product – we saw everything from lemon-scented soaps and candles to lemon-printed aprons and makeup bags! They take their lemons very seriously in Positano.

My weekend in Positano was one of my most relaxing (and therefore favorite) trips since being abroad. From hiking in the mountains to laying out on the beach to shopping in the various boutiques, there is truly something in Positano for everyone!


Post and photos: Joy Fan



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