1. Spend more time alone: I came here for me, right? Yes! My plan for the next 5 weeks here is to learn the most I can about myself while I am virtually secluded: not a lot of WiFi, no family here, not many responsibilities and all the freedom in the world. What better conditions to learn about myself than that? I am taking a trip to Milan tomorrow as my first solo trip and I am so excited to see my capabilities and get out and see the world from only my perspective.
  2. Try to slow down when I walk: A lot of the time, when 2:30pm hits, I like to practically run home from school! I get all sorts of crazy looks for my fast pace walking but honestly, at the end of a 6 hour school day, all I want to do is get home! However, seeing as I only have 5 weeks left, I want to slow down (get the Euro speed) and actually be able to look around and take in all the sights before I have to leave them.
  3. Finally buy my leather bag and purse: I have been eyeing a bag since I got here and I also have been checking the leather market for the perfect leather jacket. I am finally this week going to buy the souvenirs I want for myself and just do it! I am going to gift myself with something really special from Florence because I did it, I conquered my fear of spending 4 months away from home and to me, I deserve some leather.
  4. Go to all my favorite places: Whether it is a cafe, a panini shop (Pino’s), a dinner place or gelato, I want to hit up all my favorite spots once (or maybe twice) starting in April because really, who knows when the next time is I will see them.
  5. Force myself out of my language comfort zone: So it is really easy to speak English here no problem – a lot of people speak English. However, I am getting comfortable with Italian and I really really need to start testing my skills and trying it out. After all, people make mistakes all the time. Once I do it once, I will have the confidence to carry it out for the rest of my time here.
  6. Do really well in school: It of course is hard to stay focused here but one of my main objectives is to end up with grades that really make me happy. After all, these grades ARE going on my transcript…(;
  7. Write more: I have been pretty good so far with writing, I journal a lot (I haven’t for a while), I have this blog, I am writing for Flo’n The Go and I am a Style Guru for College Fashionista! Hey…that sounds like a lot when I write it all down. However, I know with all of my free time I could be writing a bit more.
  8. Make sure my friends here know how thankful I are for them: It is true what they say, your abroad friends are more like your family. Living with people is definitely hard but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My friends here are lifetime friends and they have seen me at my best and definitely at my worst. We’ve all been there. What’s important though is that I spend as much quality time with them before this magical dream is no more.
  9. Take advantage of the nice days: It has been really sunny here and I feel like I haven’t been soaking up the sun as much as I should. However, from here on out I want to have a positive attitude and go out on the nice days and just be outside (it does rain a lot here).
  10. Drink some more wine: Don’t take this the wrong way but seriously, the days of a really good bottle of wine for $5 are going to come to an end really soon. Why not get a couple more bottles and celebrate life with friends and good, cheap vino.

I will leave you all with some pictures and love. I can’t wait to see my parents in Firenze soon and I also can’t wait to come home and be so grateful for everything I have at home: family first and foremost, friends, a car and American food!! Until then, I will be making the most of my time here in this beautiful country and keeping those 10 ways in mind as I finish up my last 35 days here.

-Rachel Bimonte


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