Travel Tips: Rome

The beautiful capital city, Rome, is only a short train ride away from Florence and an absolute must see! If you’re traveling on Saturday or Sunday, be sure to look out for the two-for-one deals (two tickets for the price of one) on the fast train. It can make traveling with a friend easier and cheaper, a win-win for everyone!

Must See Places

1. The Vatican

Taking time to visit the holy city center is definitely worthwhile. The famous Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, and a chance to see Papa Francesco are all waiting for you within the city walls! Ladies, be sure to cover your shoulders and do not wear shorts in the warmer weather, as dress code is very strict. Buy your tickets online to take advantage of the student discount and avoid the line upon arrival!


St. Peter’s Basilica 

2. Trevi Fountain

Get ready to channel your inner Lizzie or Paolo and make a wish at the Trevi Fountain. The beautiful masterpiece, designed by talented Nicola Salvi and installed in 1762, is one of the most famous attractions in Rome. Visiting the fountain is free, except for whatever coin you decide to wish on, and make sure you bring your on photographer (a friend will do) as many street vendors try to charge you for pictures. If you’re visiting during peak tourist season (April-October), try to get to the fountain as early as possible to get the best Insta-worthy picture possible!


Trevi Fountain

3. Colosseum

The Colosseum is another must-see site in Rome! Whether or not you’re a history buff, you’ll definitely enjoy visiting this beautiful amphitheater built around 70 AD. Again, make sure you buy your tickets online to get a student discount and skip the line! A word of caution: many people sell counterfiet tickets on the street so make sure you purchase tickets ahead of time or the official ticket booth!


Must Eat Places

1. Old Bridge Gelato

Located right outside of the Vatican, Old Bridge has some of the best gelato in town. For only 2€, you can get a giant scoop of your favorite flavor!

2. Hosteria Del Moro

Located in the Trastevere neighborhood, Hosteria Del Moro is a great inexpensive place to grab dinner! For only 20€, you get a delicious 5 course meal including endless wine, appetizers, and several primi and secondi plates! Definitely a great deal for students traveling on a budget.

3. Pizzeria Da Remo

One of the best places to grab a slice (or a whole pie if you’re like us) in Rome. Located in Piazza Santa Maria, this local pizzeria has some of the best pizza for the best price. Enjoy it sit-down style among local families or takeout to the piazza. Either way, you won’t be disappointed!

If none of these catch your eye, or you’re out wandering, check out any of the side streets between the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon!


Here are a few of the best places for students to live up their time in the old Roman city!

1. Shari Vari (club) Via di Torre Argentina

2. The Drunken Ship (bar) Via del Plebiscito

3. Scholars (bar) Piazza Campo de’ Fiori



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