One of my favorite restaurants I have been to in Flornence is Zaza Trattoria.  Zaza Trattoria is located next to the Central Market in San Lorenzo.  Everytime I go to the restaurant, I am never disapointed.

Something that makes Zaza Trattoria unique is there wide variety menu.  Personally, I have never been to a restaurant with a menu as large as the one here.  When you are seated, the host gives you three different menus double sided as well as a small daily menu.  There is a whole menu for: truffle, fish, appetizers and first courses, second courses and grilled meats, and the daily menu.  These menus are also filled with different options from top to bottom.  This is great if you are with a large group of people because there is an option for everyone; no one will be dissapointed or unable to find something on one of the menus that they want to order.  You would think a restaurant with that many options would be on the more expensive side, but they are not.  They are reasonably priced.  There are options that are pricier, but many of their menu options are affordable for college students who are studying abroad.  My friends and I are always wanting a meal at Zaza Trattoria.

I highly reccomend students to go to Zaza Trattoria.  The meals are great, the prices are great, and you will want to bring your family and friends there as well.



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