News Cafe is very well known here in Firenze by many locals and study abroad students. Are you in the mood for a cappuccino or even a small snack, News Cafe will satisfy you! News Cafe has a variety of drinks including alcoholic beverages and even some small little sandwiches. You will be sure to get a beverage that had a lot of time and effort put into it. News Cafe is unique because of its intricate designs that are placed on top of any hot beverage you order. Who wouldn’t want the design of the famous Duomo on the top of their cappuccino?! Many study abroad students like to come into News Cafe and sit down and enjoy a nice drink and get some work done. The cafe provides a very relaxing atmosphere and the people who work there will be sure to give you the WiFi password so you can get the work you need done. Even if you are not going in to do homework and you want something “To Go” they will be happy to make you something you will love. News Cafe is one of the more unique shops in Firenze and is easy to find. You can find News Cafe right near Santa Maria Novella on Via del Giglio. It is right on the corner and is very hard to miss!



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