This past Sunday, I decided to take advantage of the warm weather and take the short bus-ride up to Fiesole.  In the main piazza, a small market was set up that featured different homemade artisan goods.  Around the piazza were a number of different restaurants and gelaterias that took advantage of the amazing view of Florence.  After checking out the market, I began my walk up the hill through the amazing houses and continually great view.  Towards the top of the hill was the entrance to Monte Ceceri, a beautiful park that had a number of trails equipped for hiking.  Having not seen a lot of nature over the past few months, the hike was a great way to enjoy the weather in a different way than eating gelato outside.  The town also features a number of ancient ruins, including a well-preserved Roman amphitheater and Etruscan temple. Being such a short bus-ride away from Florence, Fiesole is an amazing way to enjoy a nice spring afternoon.


Contributor: Gabe Silverman


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