Rescue Italian!

Learning a new language can be difficult, but having some key phrases in your back pocket can be very useful if you’re ever in a jam at the pizzeria.  Here are some phrases and sayings that can help!

Do you speak English? —— Parli inglese?


Thank you —— Grazie (grah-tzee-eh)

You’re welcome —— Prego

Now —— Allora
ex. Allora… Come va?

I would like —— Vorrei
ex. Vorrei un caffe per favore!

Can I have? —— Posso avere
ex. Posso avere un caffe per favore?

Excuse me ——- Scusa or Scusi

Reservation —— Prenotazione

Where is the bathroom? —— Dov’e il bagno?

My name is… —— Mi chiamo…

What is your name? —— Come ti chiami?

I’m sorry —— Mi dispiace

I don’t know —— Non lo so

How are you? —— Come va?

I’m fine, thanks —— Bene, grazie

Pizza —— Pizza

Good day! —— Buongiorno

I don’t understand —— Non capisco

When do you close? —— Quando chiuse?

Open —— Aperto


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